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The 1975 bemoaned the current state of pop music in an interview with BBC Radio 1's Annie Mac on Thursday evening (October 8). The band's new single 'Love Me' premiered as Annie Mac’s Hottest Record In The World last night, with the group also revealing that their second album would be titled 'I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It' and will be seventeen tracks long. The band's frontman Matthew Healy said that they "want to be ambassadors for this generation", adding: "There's a lot lacking in pop music these days. It's such an amazing lexicon and vocabulary of sounds... and there's just not enough good bands, man, and I'm sick of it. I'm just sick to death of it. " Commenting on their new image change, Healy added: "We just wanted to be like all bands that we have loved before, where you reinvent yourselves but make it feel like a natural evolution." The singer also commented on the 80s influence on the track: "It was a time where pop music wasn't overly encumbered with self-awareness or trying to be too cool. That's why you got amazing bands like INXS or what Bowie was doing at that time." 'I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It' will be released in February 2016 and follows their 2013 debut 'The 1975.' Read NME's review of 'Love Me' here. The 1975 will be touring the UK this November, playing the following dates: Liverpool University (November 9) Leicester De Montfort Hall (10) Sheffield O2 Academy (11) Doncaster Dome (12) Nottingham Rock City (14) Newcastle O2 Academy (15) Edinburgh Corn Exchange (17) Bridlington Spa (18) Cambridge Corn Exchange (19) Plymouth Pavilions (20) Southampton O2 Guildhall (21) Southend Cliffs Pavilion (23) London Hammersmith Eventim Apollo (24) Brighton Centre (26) Swindon Oasis (27) Manchester Academy (28)
Lil Wayne & Sqad Up lied We Ready (SQ4 Mixtape)
Lil Wayne & Sqad Up - We Ready (SQ4 Mixtape)
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Lil Wayne & Sqad Up - We Ready (SQ4 Mixtape) songtext

[Lil Wayne]
Haha Gutta Gutta Weezy we ready (uh huh)
We ready (my Nigga) We ready (uh huh)
And we so SQAD
Gutta holla at dem bitches

I come through like move bitch get out tha way
'Fore I pull this glock out and stick it dead in yo face nigga
A young wild nigga wont crack a smile nigga
I pull it out and start bustin' in tha crowd nigga
And I do it for my gangsta niggaz
Don't give a fuck, run in tha club and bang a nigga
Shit, and look I keep it gangsta on tha regular
Stay in yo place Gutta 10 steps ahead of ya
Snitch rattin muhfuckas call em federals
Get tha fuck out my way dats what ya betta do
Or that beretta leave dat lead up in yo sweater dude
I had yo stupid ass dead up in tha woods dude
I'm so hood dude
Got that Escalade ridin 22's shoes
Who want it wit tha SQAD nigga we could clash crew
Bitch we bad news
Stay yo distance lil nigga we will smash you
Get out our path Young Moneys on tha cash route
I'm on tha any V twizzy blowin' past you
Its that young, slim, high, yellow, bad dude

[Lil Wayne]
Weezy Baby
Man I'm a G-A-N-G ster
Take it to the streets, say when he scurrrrrred
T. Streets slam and see ya make tha Z scurrrrrr
Fee Fee gone lace tha weed with tha syrup
Weezy don of tha SQAD nigga bow down
Excuse yo self from tha table we bout to chow down
We bust up in this bitch with our smiles down
O how wow, glock glock, fo fo, pow pow
Got a lion in tha engine with tha loud growl
Little kids and pets run from tha row row
Say round we bout to bring it back to our town
Man shit bout to go down down Supa got that brown now
And little snecky he got them pounds now
Whodi we got money from tha floor to tha ceilin'
Homie talken slick we got money on tha flo' we bout to kill em
Put money on my flo' man ima win it
Fee I got us papi
You could sit back and put yo feet up
Ima make sure we all eat my nigga fee'd up
And you can catch me G'd up
On tha stage at tha club tossin' G's up
Or at tha table rappin' ki's up
They tell me I can make it rappin put them ki's up
But im like 25 ki's up
Tha streets is tough
Man I gotta give these peeps they stuff it's a hot summer
You can still catch me and Stunta in a fo' do' Lexus
Its only Weezy Baby no mo' extras
And you know he bout to buy me a fo' do Testa
Just cause he's impressed with my solo effort
I show no care for those who left us
Fuck those fellows I'm so rebellious
I show no remorse
When I see you hold yo thoughts or we gon hold court
And I kno you don't wanna hold court
I come up in that bitch with a K and bang out tha whole court

[Lil Wayne talking]
I'm tired of talken' to yall niggas man
This yo boy Weezy, go head, haha, S.S.
We ready, We ready, We ready and we so Sqad
We ready (uh huh), We ready (uh huh), We ready (biotch) and we so SQAD (YEA)
Man we here nigga
Aint nothing you could tell us aint nothing to stop us nigga
We here nigga
S-Q-A-D on yo mutha fuckin mind nigga
In yo back and yo tummy
Holla at dem boys man
You already know we tha fuckin' East landlords man
You already know this shit don't you
S-Q-A-D S-H-I-T in ya back bitch
Anything you wanna say holla at yo boy Weezy Baby
I see you, I see you nigga, I see you looking at me and my SQAD
You gotta look cause we tha hottest shit in this bitch
Any nigga want anything to tell me tell me now
Fuck ya