15 September, 2014 - RollingStone.com
The south may still be saddled with the endless dew of a soggy summer, but it's never too early to talk Christmas — humidity built the snowman, as John Prine once sang, after all. And Prine — along with Robert Ellis, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Dwight Yoakam, Emmylou Harris, the Band, Nikki Lane, Corb Lund and more — is just one of the heavyweights to contribute a holiday tune to An Americana Christmas, due out October 14th via New West. Willie Nelson: The Definitive Profile While a bulk of the songs are previously recorded classics, like Dylan's "Must Be Santa" and Cash's "The Gifts They Gave," Ellis, Lund and Lane all spun original numbers for this veritable lexicon of folk-country Christmas tunes. Lane's sassy "Falalaalove Ya" is a raspy ode to an eternal season of mistletoe, while Lund's "Just Me and These Ponies" is a twang-orchestral bummer about a lonesome cowboy who plays a smart foil to Santa and his reindeers. And Ellis, whose recent LP, The Lights From the Chemical Plant, is one of Rolling Stone Country's 26 Albums of 2014 You Probably Didn’t But Really Should Hear, gives his spin on Willie Nelson's "Pretty Paper." It's about the joys of the beloved holiday – which, with its green trees and wrapping (rolling?) paper, is also known as "all year" to the Red Headed Stranger. Premiering exclusively on Rolling Stone Country, Ellis's track adds a sweet, smooth shuffle to the song first released by Roy Orbison in 1963. "I chose to cut 'Pretty Paper' because I love Willie's version and it's a lesser-known Christmas tune with a little more depth to it than a story about reindeer — no offense to the reindeer," Ellis says. "I also thought the song could get by with a more minimal arrangement for my version, which is why we only used one synth, a drum machine and vocals and piano. The lyrics are strong enough that it didn't feel like it needed a whole lot." Though Ellis doesn't currently have any plans for Christmas – he might visit family back in Texas and spend some time in San Juan — he's certainly been busy of late. Nominated for several Americana Honors & Awards titles, including Album of the Year, he'll head to Nashville next week to play a stream of AmericanaFest events. The highlight just may be a revival of his Whiskey Wednesdays at Robert's Western World (transforming it, naturally, into Robert Ellis', uh, Western World) with Hayes Carll and Caitlin Rose. He also produced Whiskey Shivers' upcoming self-titled EP and lent his virtuosic guitar-stylings to up-and-comer Cale Tyson's EP Cheater's Wine, out October 28th. And he recently made the move from Nashville to New York City, a welcome change for the singer with a penchant for dancing to Macklemore at night clubs. "New York City is great," Ellis says. "I've been writing a ton and partying more. I take a notepad out when I ride the subway or ferry and work on new songs. It's been a really inspiring place to be." Known for a style that fuses George Jones with avant-garde jazz and folk icons like Paul Simon – and, of course, Willie Nelson – Ellis hasn't lost touch with his southern side even though he's moved up east. "I'm still not sure how much irony is at play," he adds, "but I get really excited lately when Florida George Line's 'Cruise' comes on the radio." Here's the artists and track listing for An Americana Christmas: Luther Dickinson – "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing"John Prine – "Everything Is Cool" Robert Ellis – "Pretty Paper"Emmylou Harris – "The First Noel"Johnny Cash – "The Gifts They Gave"Corb Lund – "Just Me and These Ponies (For Christmas This Year)"Dwight Yoakam – "Run Run Rudolph"Bob Dylan – "Must Be Santa"Valerie June – "Winter Wonderland"Ronnie Fauss – "Everybody Deserves a Merry Christmas"Max Gomez – "Season of My Memory"Ben Keith w/ Neil & Pegi Young – "Les Trois Cloches"The Common Linnets – "At Christmas Time"Nikki Lane – "Falalaalove Ya"Old 97’s – "Here It Is Christmas Time"The Band – "Christmas Must Be Tonight" Related Willie Nelson Notches First Chart-Topper in 28 Years The 26 Country Albums of 2014 You Need to Hear Watch Willie Nelson's on the Bus Card Trick
Panos Psaltis lied Aggele Mou
Panos Psaltis - Aggele Mou
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Panos Psaltis - Aggele Mou songtext (Deutsch Übersetzung)

EL: Aggele mou, an kateveis pros tin gi
DE: Aggele Mou, eine Kateveis pro Zinn gi

EL: Thelo na ertheis na milisoume mazi
DE: Zeit Na Ertheis Na Milisoume mazi

EL: perimeno na mou doseis simvouli
DE: Perimeno Na Doseis Mou simvouli

EL: pos na giano mia kardia pou aimorragei
DE: POS Na Giano Mia Kardia Pou aimorragei

EL: Aggele mou, exei agiatrefti pligi
DE: Aggele Mou, wurde Pligi Agiatrefti

EL: apo thavma einai akoma zontani
DE: von Thavma Brekfest Zontani Teil 1

EL: exei travma vathi ki i lepida i kofteri
DE: Travma Vathi Ki wurde ich Lepida ich Kofteri

EL: dilitirio eixe kai erota poli
DE: Eixe Dilitirio Erota Kai poli

EL: Aggele mou, mia xari sou zito
DE: Aggele Mou, Mia Xari Sou zito

EL: sto oneiro mou, lisi sto ainigma na vro
DE: Sto Oneiro Mou, Lisi Sto Ainigma Na vro

EL: tin kardia mou giatrepse tin an mporeis
DE: ein Mporeis aus Zinn Kardia Mou Giatrepse Zinn

EL: me ena dakri apo ta vathi tis psixis
DE: mich ein ta Vathi Tis-Dakri Psixis

EL: kai an tin soseis tha sou takso prosevxi
DE: und ein Soseis Tha Sou Takso Zinn prosevxi

EL: ston theo mou, na sou dosei tin efxi
DE: Ston Theo Na Mou, Sou Dosei Zinn Efxi

EL: gia na gineis ton aggelon dioikitis
DE: Gia Na Gineis Ton Aggelon dioikitis

EL: kai ena throno ston paradeiso na vreis!
DE: Kai Throno Ston Paradeiso Na ein Vreis!

EL: Aggele mou, aggele mou
DE: Aggele Mou, Aggele mou

EL: English translation:
DE: Englische Übersetzung:

EL: My angel
DE: Mein Engel

EL: My angel, if you come down to earth
DE: Mein Engel, wenn Sie auf die Erde kommen

EL: I want us to speak
DE: Ich wünsche uns sprechen

EL: I am waiting for you to give me advice
DE: Ich warte auf dich zu mir einen Rat geben

EL: on how to heal a heart that hemorrhages
DE: wie ein Herz zu heilen, die Blutungen

EL: My angel, it has a wound which will not heal
DE: Mein Engel, hat es eine Wunde, die nicht heilen will

EL: it is a miracle it is still alive
DE: Es ist ein Wunder, die er noch am Leben ist

EL: it has a deep wound and the blade is sharp
DE: Es hat eine tiefe Wunde und die Klinge ist scharf

EL: it is filled with poison and love
DE: Es ist gefüllt mit Gift und Liebe

EL: My angel, I have one favour to ask you
DE: Mein Engel, habe ich einen Gefallen bitten Sie

EL: let me find an answer to my conundrum, in my dream
DE: lassen Sie mich die Antwort auf mein Dilemma in meinem Traum

EL: heal my heart if you can
DE: mein Herz zu heilen, wenn du kannst

EL: with a tear from the depths of my soul
DE: mit eine Träne aus den Tiefen meiner Seele

EL: And if you save it i will promise you a prayer
DE: Und wenn Sie es speichern, verspreche ich Ihnen ein Gebet

EL: to my God, so he may bless you
DE: Mein Gott also segne er Sie

EL: to become the governor of the angels
DE: der Gouverneur der Engel

EL: and for you to find a throne in heaven!
DE: und für Sie zu einen Thron im Himmel!

EL: My angel, my angel
DE: Mein Engel, mein Engel