20 April, 2014 - Billboard.com
Legendary hip-hop artist Nas celebrated the 20th anniversary of his debut album, "Illmatic," at the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival on...
20 April, 2014 - Billboard.com
Country musician Kevin Sharp, who defied the odds in a well-publicized battle with cancer in the 1990s prior to becoming a hit artist on the...
20 April, 2014 - MTV.com
After Joffrey's demise, what can we expect from the HBO fantasy series? By Josh Wigler
20 April, 2014 - Billboard.com
Rashad Owens, the 21-year-old driver accused of fatally running down South by Southwest attendees in March, is facing four new charges of aggravated...
20 April, 2014 - MSN.com
Musician Jack White makes vinyl record of live show in under 4 hours on Record Store Day
20 April, 2014 - Billboard.com
Mexican singer Juan Gabriel plans to resume his tour concerts May 1 after being released from a Las Vegas hospital. Juan Gabriel in 'Stable Condition...
20 April, 2014 - Billboard.com
It's hard to imagine that Bob Dylan, Three 6 Mafia and Toby Keith have much in common, but all three artists understand the power of a classic stoner...
20 April, 2014 - MTV.com
Can you spot them? By Kevin Sullivan and Kase Wickman
20 April, 2014 - Billboard.com
Following his set at last week's Coachella Festival, fans wondered if Pharrell Williams could possibly have any more surprises up his sleeve. After...
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