Payroll Giovanni - Hustle Muzik 3 (2017)

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Payroll Giovanni - Hustle Muzik 3 songtext

Fuck what a nigga say and how a hoe feel
To be real, I make more scrill' with no deal
To be real, I make more scrill' on blow deals
Sippin' on Dom and Cri's when they had more chill
I been getting cash, been flipping grams
Been had a bag, boy you been broke, you been had a cas'
Benz with the tag, offset rims [?]
Kids pointhing brat, everytime they see me pass
How I emerge from the trenches
Now the watch cost a whole bird on you bitches
Niggas think we equal, man a nerve for you niggas
I'm sure you heard of me before I heard of you niggas, purppin' ass niggas
I took nothing to make something, gotta respect that
This motherfucking game owe me time to go collect that
Lost a lil' work in the mill' but I ain't sweat that
Just minor setbacks, I know the game so I expect that
Niggas sittin' round broke, lettin' time pass
Before that I break a O, down to dime bags
The first step to gettin' money is just get up off your ass
Get your own lane, find the gas then you mash
Lame niggas throwing shots, ignore the shit and laugh
Ball on they broke ass that's how you hurt them back
Bosses press buttons, just sit back no chit chat
No who did what, no back and forth you just get clapped
Bitches see the coupe and ask me can they come get kidnapped
One night and you won't get this bitch back, this shit facts
Two toned Rollie on cause the chains mixmatch
Game full of goofy shit, I'm bout to bring the shit
Boy, I had to rescue my whole family with a half track
Told 'em we ain't struggling no more, period that's that
I turned my granny house into a spot, Lord forgive me
Had her house full of narcotics, cash and semi's
RIP my brother RJ, I know he with me
He the reason why all them cases and bullets miss me
Sippin' on Louie 13 this ain't no Remy
In the Hellcat with soft, this ain't no Hemi
Drug family, I'm a wise guy
You internet niggas ain't connected, you need Wifi
Me and Neph somwhere outta town sippin' Mai Tai's
Detroit nigga with some California mob ties
Where I'm from lil' kids is killers, daddy's is dealers
Most niggas is fake, shit some hoes be realer
[?] and heroine so my clothes chinchilla
I'm on the grind everyday cause the goal is get her
A couple M's, yeah it gotta be a win
Top down on the coupe, hair blowing in the wind
I'm just tryna make more, way more then I can spend
First rule when pushing forward, don't you look back again
My past full of scales and O's
Now it's sales from shows
I bounced back from them L's I rose
Two diamond chains on, one white one rose
Can tell I don't like pictures, when I strike my pose
I'm from a different cloth
All these fake killers, man you niggas is soft
I know exactly who I am, you niggas lost
I can pawn a chain and get a brick of soft and get it off
The only way I'm splitting profit with you if we split the cost
A lot of these niggas remarks, sound how bitches talk
Always got they hand out and wanna know my cash route
Wanna know what this cost and how much I did pay for it
If you ain't got tough skits and sets you ain't made for it
Cash wanna know if we real, I gotta find it out
I can't help I'd happed to be, when niggas lying 'bout
When you fuck me, just know you fucking with the D
Payroll, the one on one, but this is Hustle Muzik 3