John Moreland - Slow Down Easy (Big Bad Luv Album) (2017)

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John Moreland - Slow Down Easy (Big Bad Luv Album) songtext

Slow down easy, I’ve been hauling a heavy soul
And don’t you know, honey it’s time
Slow down easy, so much trouble got a heavy toll
Take my hand, won’t you be mine

We were born homesick, the plot was understood
We put away all the worry we could keep
Maybe I’m too burdened to tremble like I should
Maybe you’re too sick to go too deep

Dissatisfaction, the tired familiar taste
Coughing up bad blood in every rhyme
Come on young savior, don’t let your fever go to waste
You got neon arms for new age crimes

Your heart’s on the table
You do what you’re able
Don’t you suffer no pain over me